(2)(a) A person licensed under this chapter whose driver's license is suspended administratively due to failure to appear or pay a traffic ticket under RCW 46.

Washington doesn't exactly seem to have a clear list anywhere.

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In that event the licensee is entitled to a driver improvement interview and a hearing as provided by RCW 46.

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License Restriction Codes. What does a WA state license have to do with a B restriction? It means that the driver, most likely a minor with a “learner’s permit,” requires an adult 21 or older to drive with.

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For the first six months prior to application, the applicant cannot have had any at-fault accidents or tickets.

An applicant for an intermediate license must be at least sixteen years of age and: (a) Have possessed a valid instruction permit for a period of not less than six months; (b) Have passed a driver. .

Washington Driver Licensing Law Obtaining a Washington Instruction Permit. In issuing an occupational or a temporary restricted driver's license under RCW 46.

Commercial Driver License (CDL) Do I need a CDL? Find out if you need a CDL to drive your commercial vehicle.


289; a violation of the financial responsibility laws under chapter 46.

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Unlicensed drivers — Subject to Title 46 RCW. . 328. The only exceptions to this requirement are those expressly allowed by RCW 46. . A detour is ahead B.


. Learn how to reinstate your license; Check the status of a driver license.


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B restricts the license holder to drive cars with up 8 seats.