My teachers and I all put our heads together to figure out which ones we recommend to our students, and why.

2. In this video, I will recommend 5 best Chinese books for Intermediate Learners.


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2. Or if you are limited/don't like novel's you. .


Keep reading to find the right Chinese podcast for you! Table of Contents. Take a couple of days to read Chinese books you are interested in. .

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7 Top Kindle Books for the Hard-to-please Chinese Learner.

All of these books can be read digitally, are easily accessible from outside of China, are extremely cheap to purchase (as little as $1 for a book) and some are even completely free. Others I can vouch for 王小波 --黄金时代 pretty entertaining, tells the authors 插队experience 徐则陈 -- 跑步穿过中关村--guy tries to make a living selling dvd's in China 做单 (.

Intermediate Chinese Short Stories: 10 Captivating Short Stories to Learn Chinese & Grow Your Vocabulary the Fun Way! 4. .

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Harvest: Intermediate Chinese Textbook & Workbook.

Standard Course Pack for HSK 3.

I feel qualified to answer this, being the one who made the recommendation and wrote its description for this graphic.

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To help you out, here are 10 of the best Chinese workbooks for language learners that even native speakers sometimes secretly use! 1. In this video, I will recommend 5 best Chinese books for Intermediate Learners. May 19, 2021 · Check out this series! This book is based on the famous Taiwanese folk tale – The Grandaunt Tiger(虎姑婆 Hǔgūpó) which most Taiwanese people grow up hearing. . In Part II, I’ll translate Ba Jin’s reply. .


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